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Welcome to our community!

The Mass Observation Project (MOP) is a unique UK-based writing project which has been running since 1981, and before that from the 1930s to the 1950s. Every year on 12th May, people not part of the project are asked to contribute a diary of their day to incorporate into the records.

I did that this year, along with a number of other people, and it was so interesting to see what everyone else did, thought I would try my own "mini" version of the Mass Observation Project, and post a monthly "Day in my life" post on the 12th of each month. Other LJers wanted to join in, and on 12th June 2013 a number of us posted our diary entries. But they were all in individual journals, and what was needed was to have them all in one place... and so this Community was born.

It is open to anyone, anywhere in the world, as long as they have an LJ and want to join in.

Membership is moderated, but posts aren't. If you would like to join, please send a message to the community

The rules are very basic:

1. A diary entry is kept for the 12th day of each month, either typed directly onto the pc or written down in a notebook and typed up and posted later.
2. Posts can be any length, but if you need to scroll down more than once, please put some of it behind a cut!
3. Pictures can be included, but please keep them to a reasonable size, and again, if more than one, behind a cut.
4. Each post should be tagged with your LJ name, the year and the month. i.e. hobbituk, 2013, June.

At the moment, the community is set up to be members only able to post and read, but this may change over time dependant on what the community members want to do. There may be polls...!